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2017 Chase Season


So, I just wanted some opinions on the 2017 chase season. Maybe some thoughts on it of if it will be good or if anyone else is hyped for it too! You can post your opinion or any advice for me as I would love it. Have a nice day and happy chasing!


It would be great to see this site back… i would even back it up and support the site, it was great before it was shut down


Reed Timmer…


As I’m new to storm / tornado chasing I’m very excited for the 2017 season. I would love the opportunity to be part of the chase.


I’m very glad to here that and would love to get some footage of storms this coming summer from anyone willing to post some! Thanks and happy hunting!


Good chasing for 2017.


Possible tornado event Texas overnight / more likely eastern Louisiana into western Alabama on Monday


I’ll be watching my radar for any activity even though we are in winter because I’ve heard about some storm activity in Dixie Alley a couple weeks ago. By the way, I would love some more comments, thanks.


Hey this message is for reed timmer if he sees these at all. My question is do you guys take any ride alongs for a tour. Id love to see some good tornadoes and watch ur shows but seeing in real life would be adventurous. ??


Tornado outbreak in the south, mostly Georgia. Death toll is over 20 now. I pray for those people, god bless them. I hope you all agree with me. I wish I had the power to help them. Pray for the families who’s lives were destroyed. God bless them and may God be with you all. Thank you.


Anyone chasing in Missouri this Saturday? Great wind shear, and if you’re going, be there early because of the nice wind shear… 0-8km shear 55-63 knots. Good CAPE too. Also have 0-2km shear 26-40 knots. Lots of obstacles, trees, houses, etc. A 9 hour drive from my place so I will be going. Hopefully see some professional storm chasers!