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3/25 Sand Springs/ Tulsa County tornado


EF4 damage at two points near Sand Springs just west of Tulsa. Another EF4 damage icon to the east of town. Cell appears to have been cycling as it went over Tulsa which is very lucky.

Here is the preliminary track of the Sand Springs/ Tulsa Co. Tornado. This map is preliminary and may be updated and/ or changed later. Ongoing damage assessment by NWS Tulsa will provide further information in the future.


Thanks for the info on this. This was a really close call. Please post updates on the results when you get them, @pmkalll


Wow all I heard all day was how there was basically no chance of tornados and the warning was only for hail.


Will do. You can see them at NWS Tulsa at NWS Norman. I will post them later.


Yeah, I’m surprised SPS didn’t up their tornado prob before the tornadoes actually happened. Proof even the best make mistakes.


Tulsa Co. Tornado rated EF2. Here’s the graphic


The SPC had a 5% chance… The Weather Channel had a Tor:Con of 4 so I’d say maybe some chance.