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5/6/15 Oklahoma City metro tornado outbreak


Continuing the discussion from The live posts during the 5/6/15 OKC tornado outbreak NO LONGER IN EFFECT!:

Well it was definitely the day (and night) for Oklahoma!
Multiple tornados and extreme flooding hit a good chunk of the mid Oklahoma region. The Enid area got hit with several rounds of storms. But it was the Norman area got hit the hardest!
Houses were leveled near Blanchard and some damage was sustained to NewCastle, Moore and Norman and the surrounding areas. As of this post the count of injuries in unknown along with the extent of the damage. We do know that some structures are damaged (Including hotels, storage units and homes) and that cars are flipped along I-35. It dose not help that following the tornados, record busting rainfall amounts slammed the area causing insane amounts of flooding!
I was watching the storm pretty much from the time it developed, and this thing was intense, long tracked and very active when it came to producing hail, rain and tornados!
Another comforting fact is that the Tiger Safari was hit, and, yes, Tigers and other wild animals are roaming around! But who cares! :cold_sweat:
During that time I was giving live updates on another topic as the storm progressed through the city, not that it would do much good, but just in hopes that somebody may get some helpful info that could keep them safe.

If anybody has updates or comments feel free to post below!