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Advice for teenagers aspiring to be a storm chaser


Hey Gabe! I’m about your age, and chase whenever I get the chance. If you want talk about any specific topic related to storm chasing go ahead and people will join in the conversation.


Well i don’t really know what to talk about right now but i would think of something.If you have something to talk about storm chasing wise i would talk to you about it.


btw my email is


@19alemon, @loganlove820, @hamzaziz2000, @aspiringchaser, what up guys! Although most of us here can’t drive yet, we can still do some pretty cool stuff that is storm related. I often find a cool location to get some time lapses with my GoPro whenever a storm is expected. Or, if you have a HERO4, at night you can get some sick lightening shots with the NightPhoto setting. Also, does anybody here got a YouTube channel?


Hey, I have a youtube but i don’t post anything on it bc it’s my personal YT. I love doing storm time lapses and lightning photography! Haven’t really gotten a chance yet this year but hopefully i will soon.


@hamzaziz2000 sick man! At this point I mostly do parkour and urban exploring videos, but hopefully I will get the chance for some storms once tornado season really kicks in!


Yeah, i had a really dope lightning shot last year but it was on my dads phone and he lost it :confused:


@hamzaziz2000, that sucks, but use it as inspiration to get an even better shot this season! (I know the feeling! I lost 2TB of footage when an external hard drive crashed!)


I have a camera its like a go pro but different and my dad also has a camcorder


My name is Payton and im 15, i live in Buffalo Ny and the weather up here is usually crappy and there really no opportunities to see any extreme weather besides the snow. i have been interested in storm chasing and coming face to face with tornadoes as far back as i can remember and im currently interested becoming a storm chaser for my second profession later in life, whats some good tips for me to get headed in the direction im looking for, i’d really appreciate some good advice!!!


dang that sucks! i can’t wait for this year though, i feel like i might actually get my dad to take me chasing lol


hi Payton, tell us what you already know and maybe some of us can help you from there!


Go for it bro! The trick is to talk it down (Like it’s “just to get some lighting shots or time-lapses” etc.), and then if he is like most men, he will get caught up and (Hopefully) get close to the action, just because thats how most guys are! LOL


Hey i’m 14 and i LOVE storm chasing!!! i know reed timmer and i’ve seen all three dominator’s!!! and if i ever had the chance i would LOVE to be a chaser!!!


Hey, im 18, ive been storm chasing and doing On-Air Meteorology and severe weather coverage for 7 Years. Ill be attending the University of Oklahoma next year for Meteorology…Trust me, ive been through all kinds of storm chasing situations from looking at the El Reno tornado and realizing what I thought was just a giant lowering was actually the tornado, to being blown off the road by RFD, to making silly mistakes in the weather community that I inevitably got my butt chewed on by everyone and their dog for.

That being said…My advice comes in 2 parts…

For those under driving age, my advice to you is wait until you are of driving age and have been driving for a few years before setting out on a chase…You can learn SO much by analyzing a radar screen and talking with other observers out in the field and comparing what you are seeing on radar to what they see. I did that until I was old enough to drive, however my difference is that I have a Livestreaming page where im getting green screen practice in as well as doing the severe weather coverage. Also, go to as many SKYWARN and to all of the Weather Conferences you can possibly go to…take notes, TONS of great information.

For those of Driving age and older…

I have been fortunate enough to have a chase partner that has allowed me to chase from about the time I was 11 to now, and we’ve seen a lot! My advice to those driving now…Don’t stormchase in your own vehicle…if you can avoid it. I have a Camaro and I am a lot like Reed, ill chase anything anytime any where…I don’t care…I also have a job that can afford me new parts as I break them. (its also really fun to go flying by other chasers on the highway getting to a storm (NOT ENGAGED WITH IT) but going to the target area is really fun to go flying by them on the highway knowing you are getting better gas milage and your going faster then they are.
But if you do chase, and you end up engaged with the storm A. Make sure you have an escape route. B. Know the roads C.Know what roads your car can handle at 100mph if you have to run for your life…yes ive done it in a major suburban town when I got stuck in the bearscage in the Camaro…I was doing way over the posted speedlimit…granted I was running for my life.

If you come upon an disaster area and you are first on scene, help ONLY until First Respoders arrive to your area. THEN IMMIDIATELY leave the area, LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS.

And for the love of god, DONT TEXT AND DRIVE while chasing…
Keep good tires on your car
keep good windshield wipers on your car
Know your escape route

last but not least…

DONT DIE. :joy:

If any of you guys have any questions about this, feel free to email me
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Hey guys, I’m 13, been interested in weather since the April 27, 2011 outbreak, being from Huntsville, AL. I’ve been shooting weather in the Tennessee Valley for about a year now and am really just looking to get to know some of you guys out there. contact information:
instagram: brendanpaulfarrow
skype: gopatalathegreat


You guys can reach out to me, Im in the Dallas Fort Worth Market but im happy to answer questions.

insta: @Dawson_Pepin
Twitter: @Dawson_Pepin
FB Dawson Pepin


I’ll give my standard advice for anyone wanting to become a storm chaser…


There are too many amateur storm chasers out there on the roads already, clogging things up for the professional meteorologists and scientists trying to collect real, useful data. Most of these amateur chasers are simply in the way, creating a danger for everyone else.

Believe me, I understand your enthusiasm. And right now you’re probably steaming mad at me for my comments. However, there is another way you can make yourself useful and be involved…

Become a Storm Spotter instead.

It’s much easier, much less expensive and the NWS actually needs your help in this capacity. The key difference is you don’t chase the storms, you let them come to you.

Get yourself a HAM license quickly and easily using ham test online. Buy yourself an inexpensive radio and a good antenna. I have had astounding success using a cheap Wouxun 5w hand held radio and a copper J-Pole antenna (with LMR400 cable). Attend the free SKYWARN training classes and join your county’s ARES/RACES. Any time there’s a weather net activated in your area, find a good spot to observe the storms from and make your reports.

It’s a lot of fun, a lot more useful and you’re not interfering with the professional chasers out there on the roads.

If afterwards this doesn’t satisfy your storm lust, you might consider going to school for meteorology and becoming one of the professionals. Then at least you have a legitimate reason for chasing.


@drright71 Too many “chasers” can make situations like this

However I still think people have total right to go watch/photograph these storms at there own risk (Like me), but they just gotta stay out of the way of the real guys.


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