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Advice for teenagers aspiring to be a storm chaser


I’m ten and I’m certified already in chasing but no other kids like storms so its kind of lonley


I’m 16, and I haven’t really been chasing (It’s very rare to get anything in Oregon).


If you want to get into chasing (or any Meteorology related to Severe Weather in general) you need money. (mobile radar, car, HAM radio, Video Equipment, etc).


No, other kids want to chase, like me. As of 6YRS ago (When I was ten), I LOVED any weather related situation. Now that I’m old enough to drive, I’m able to chase a little more freely than when I was ten. Try to wait for storms to come into your town, and maybe try taking lighting photos or storm timelapses, since you can’t drive yet. Your on the right track if this is what you love, start doing what you can now, and keep pursuing your dream because you will reach your goal :smiley:


JarretR your not the only person that likes to chase.I would like to start chasing when im old enough to drive
and btw I would get some nice lighting shots next time their is a thunderstorm that moves through my town.


My name is Cooper. I’m 15 and I’m looking to be a storm chaser/spotter as well. I’d like to get a little info on becoming certified and using equipment. I’d also like to know about different communities that I can join. Is there a specific way for me to become a trained and certified chaser?


What up @ckerby21415! Here is the best free training I have found:
Honestly that is a great place to start, but just by watching live on TV (If you live in Texas or Oklahoma) whenever there is a tornado or major storm is a great way to pick up of storm pattern trends and storm chasing terms. Also, watching TVN’s Tornado Chasers is another great way to learn. Most of all, just have fun (And be safe!) and you will learn with experience.


Sweet! Thanks! Is there a specific age limit?


Not that I know of. I first went at age 8, and have been a few more times in the past few years.


Go for it bro! It may be harder depending on the camera your using, but when you get the perfect shot all that trial and error will be 100% worth it! As I said previously, I use GoPro HERO4 Black on the Night Photo setting, which is obviously for night. For daytime I use Timelapse 0.5 second intervals.

BTW if some of you guys wanna check out my YouTube channel and maybe subscribe, I would really appreciate it!
(I am moving to the Caribbean in less than a week, so hopefully I will get to see a hurricane, or at least a tropical storm)

-Thanks bros!


Ok, cool. Thanks for the info!


I’m 14 and I’ve been chasing with my father for about a year. My advice of teens aspiring to be chasers is to get to know the weather world. Go to spotter talks. Tour your local NWS. Network with local mets. Take online courses and learn about models. These should all help you be successful. Enjoy! Never stop chasing.


Yea I am 14 I’m very interested in weather and have seen a few tornadoes storm chasing. It would be hard to do this as a career but to anyone who would want to talk about weather in careers could email me at


Hey, I am a teen really interested in being a storm chaser all my life basically. There is actually a Thunderstorm going through as I am typing this. I just love extream weather. I’m not sure why, but I just do. I have never seen a tornado before, but I have been very close to one before… There were no warnings or anything. Not even a watch. I knew there was a chance of tornadoes, but it was now 7pm in December, and I was tired. we were on the way home from somewhere, and we just experienced about 3 minutes of very heavy rain, but nothing to extream. later that night, damage was reported, and the next morning the NWS have confirmed that and EF1 Tornado had touched down about 2 miles from where I was at the time, Because it HAD to happen while we stopped to eat. Anyway, I am 13 and I have been throught 2 or 3 Tornado Warnings, But a tornado it’s self has NEVER come into my town. I know it will someday, but, for now we are decently safe. sadly, storms like to avoid us. we don’t get much action.


If you think it’s bad now, just wait a few years. I went om a Tornado Chasing Tour three years ago, was considering about going again but all the money is not worth it now with vans of storm chasing enthusiasts all over the road. It’s not a novelty anymore but a traffic jam between professional storm chasers, storm chasing tour groups, and the amateurs looking for a thrill. By the time you guys and gals get all the credentials and have all that money it will not be worth it. Just get your MY and take it from there. Unfortunately you can’t get a degree in storm chasing. I’m just waiting for the day when someone is killed on the roads because of irresponsible driving on the roads to get 'the perfect shot"! you can not make a living storm chasing, maybe ten years ago but not now.


Hi guys I’m new here. I’m 13 and also want to be a storm chaser and forecaster. I’m glad there are other kids my age that want the4 same things. I kinda felt like a freak for loving weather and storms.


You shouldn’t dude there’s a lot of us who love weather.


Hey im 16, and I have a very strong passion for storm chasing. I have yet to get my license and a car, so I currently am just a spotter in ohio. I hope to be able to make a chasing team though. I also have an instagram if you want to follow me, it is Stonewolf.


Hey, I’m 14 almost 15 and i love storms i currently only sit out here in Colorado and storm spot


Ikr?! Im 14 and I start talking about the weather and no one understands me!! I’ve been on one chase, It was AMAZING!!


No joke. :joy: but even when you dont have your license or permit, even watching it all is just awesome.