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Advice for teenagers aspiring to be a storm chaser


im a 15 year old stuck out on the west coast…hoping to be like reed one day, maybe even meet him. who knows


im 14 also and wish i could talk to people that understand what im saying. I want to be a storm chaser when i grow up follow me on Instagram- lionsarecool02 or on twitter- @Moils02 maybe if i create a group we can all talk about weather and stormchasing


How do i join the group


I am 12 and I was a weather geek since second grade. I plan on being a part time storm chaser. Glad to see someone else!


Ive never been on a chase, I am 12, but i was a weather geek since second grade. I am glad to see so many of my own people!


My instagram is nolan.hlinak and I’m turning 15 next month, working right now and trying to save up for a Nikon D7100 my email is also for any hangouts


Hey im Paul.

I dont know if anyone still goes on this site, however over the past few months ive seemed to have had rekindled the passion for weather that i once did as a kid and teenager. Im 21 and would like to talk to those who chase or aspire to chase one day. I have facebook and twitter as well as an instagram. it’d be nice to talk to you all and maybe make our dreams come true