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My name is Kaylee. I want to be a storm chaser when I grow up. I am 14. Any advice?

Advice on becoming a first time chaser

@kat14michelle I’m in the same spot as you. Get any advice from anyone?


Not yet…:neutral_face:


Wow…that kinda sucks.


I, know… But hope to asap


Hey guys! Im Tyler, a Storm Chaser and streamer for TVN. I myself was in your shoes when i was your age. I grew fond of weather very quickly and instantly wanted to go out and chase whatever i could find. My advice to you at this age, being that you’re still young, is study. Start learning about storms, what clouds look like, and how to understand a radar. I would highly recommend once the time comes, to sign up for a Skywarn spotter class through the National Weather Service near you. Before you ever go out and chase a storm on your own, Definitely go with someone who has experience. Storm chasing is not a easy thing to do, and at times can be dangerous. Start out with small thunderstorms if you want, look at the clouds and see how they form and develop, look at the storm you’re looking at, on radar. learn it. You can never learn enough. Whenever you get the chance i would keep studying up on weather. When you go out on a chase, be sure to pack very well and keep it local if possible. always bring extra food, water, supplies, money for food or gas, sunblock even!, extra clothes… you never know what you may need. Planning ahead is always key before a good chase. Always keep you, and your teams safety in mind. Be smart on your first few chases and just enjoy the scenery. Capture some photos of the storms and share them with your friends and family. Before you know it, you’ll be out there driving half way across the state just to see a good tornado producing storm. As always, enjoy it. nature is a beautiful thing.


Let me know if u find anything



I am 15. I am absolutely obsessed with tornadoes. My biological father (who was never part of my life in any way) died in the Joplin, Missouri tornado in 2011. Yeah, I should probably be deathly afraid of tornadoes, but I actually have some experience. My Uncle Cliff took me to the Norman, Oklahoma tornado on May 6th last year. It was a thrilling experience. But thank you for your advice. At least someone replied. :speak_no_evil:


hey I’m 24 and I’m obsessed with extreme weather tornados hurricanes and typhoons and want to e a storm chaser as a profession but I have no license no job and no clue how to chase so any tips and or job opportunities please let me know cause this Canadian from alberta is really want to follow my dreams.


I would take grundstromt’s advice on this. I have never chased once, and in my mid 30’s. I have taken the Skywarned classes he mentioned (great classes). I have sat for the past 5+ years studying weather patterns, and watching radar as much as I can. I have watched and studied local storms in my area. Including what grundstromt has said about comparing it to radar. Not to mention countless videos of storms and behaviors. I live in the hills, and chasing in my neck of the woods is not a smart approach without someone who has done it before (would be jungle chaser). As grundstromt said though, at your age learn as much as you can!!! Learn weather patterns in your area on a day to day basis. Watch what happens with Low and High pressures that enter your area. Check your daily weather forecast. Compare it to others. There are many models used to help predict weather. I may be more of the safety nerd on this response =p but all aspects of weather play a role. You have plenty of time to experience the joy of chasing, as I soon hope to one day! Staying as safe as you can with natures fury is the best advice I can give!


Im sorry to hear about your loss. The Joplin Tornado was horrible. The aftermath anyway. The storm itself was a beautiful site. I used to live outside of Neosho/Seneca. I have been a Firefighter/ Storm Spotter for over 10 years now and my best suggestions to you is to Study all you can about tornados. there are a few storm spotting classes online.
The NOAA office out of Springfield will be holding a Storm Spotter Class in Jasper County/ Joplin at MSSU Anderson Criminal Justice Center Auditorium on Tuesday, February 9,2016 at 6:30 pm.
Everyone is invited to these classes to learn. Its not to early or late to learn. Just Show up and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you miss this event just go to to find another one in our area as they update it regularly, or search for National Weather Service Spotter Classes.
I live a bit North in Barton County Mo now but you can always msg me with any specific questions.
I would also recommend taking or re certifying in CPR and First Aid as you may be the first in a disaster area as Joplin was where people need help.
and ANY good spotter/chaser will tell you ALWAYS Have A Way Out.


From what I was told … You will have to do a lot of Math. . Calculus, physics thermodynamic meteorology. Meteorology is a combo of math and science Physics based calculus. please correct me Mets if I am Wrong


Ive been a storm spotter for over 10 years now and have really never used any math. There is some science that you learn about storms but not really anything to major. unless you dive into it. Radar is extremely easy to understand and most prediction models are easy to understand. There may be some more to understand with some of the mesoscale stuff. but i have never really used that. Honestly the hardest thing I have come across with it is seeing the damage after words. and seeing at night to identify storms.


My name is Gabriel Zaparolli, and have 15 years.I hunt storms to three years in Brazil, but in those three years nothing tornadoes caught ie I hunt storms 13 years


Im 14 and I absolutely love tornadoes, storms, clouds, lighting. I would so love to go and chase storms and tornadoes and see on in person. If finally getting some type of advice. Thank you all


I’ll be like Sean Casey.


R.I.P. Tim Samaras ::cry::disappointed_relieved: