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An Open Letter to Chaser Haters


Hello to all,

I have been fascinated by storm chasing since seeing the Discovery show in 2008, and since then have remained a bit of a silent observer, watching chasing and trying to learn more about storm chasing and tornado research. A lot has transpired, but recently my interest in chasing has spiked. I want to carry out the smoke experiment that was started by TWISTEX but never carried out successfully (at least to my knowledge). I am a high school student, and recently I did a project on tornado research and the value of chasing to tornado research. In doing so I also fully admitted my interest and fascination with chasing and severe weather. The response I have gotten since has shocked me. People openly mock me for this fascination, a fact which has stunned me. With the school year coming to a close, I put together this letter. It is not an attack on non-chasers, it is a plea to those who disrespect chasing and chasers to take chasing seriously and leave them alone. I have posted it here so that anyone who has found themselves in a similar position might have an effective rebuttal.


I am in the same place as you. Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel was my big introduction to the world of weather. I have been working towards a career in meteorology ever since.


Never give up your dream to chase there are millions of others who share your same enthusiasm & passion about weather and chasing in particular.


There is a difference in getting a degree in MY and storm chasing for the thrill. The reason why you were mocked are two-fold. There is the huge market for storm chasing tours, other storm chasers that work for area TV weather, and last but not least the chasers that do it for a thrill. Think if your roads were clogged with chasers every day, trying to outdo the other chaser for just the right video to sell for the big bucks. They don’t see the beauty in nature but the dollar sign, getting paid to see a community wiped out. It’s all about the money which is sad. I have the utmost respect for those that do it for research and how we can enhance our skills at forecasting tornadoes.The number one rule in chasing is if you see damage, STOP AND SEE IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANYWAY INSTEAD OF DRIVING ON BY TO GET MORE VIDEO! How would you feel if your house was destroyed and you can’t find your loved ones and there are a group of people videotaping your anguish. I can imagine the people in tornado alley every spring saying 'Here we go again! Before TVN closed down I would see chasers with their peddle to the metal! WHY? For research purposes or that special video tape of gold…By the way I have my degree in MY and decided to stay in my community. My thrill is forecasting for my small area on NW CT and warning them and at the same time educating them about the complexities of forecasting. i love time-lapse photography. I’m not in it for any money but when that one person says ‘thank you’ to me that her son’s soccer game will not be called off because the thunderstorm will not hit us, means more to me than anything else. TY and good luck in school.


Hey i’m in HS too and my big inspiration for weather also came from watching Discovery Channel’s Storms Chasers. I’m always looking for other weather enthusiasts to talk to and if you’d like you can reach me on instagram @severeweatherchicago


I too have people mock me at school for what I love. These people think it’s weird, dumb or as they say (sorry for the language) retarded. This people do make me mad sometimes but because of websites like these, people that may be different ages or from different places can connect with one another that share the same passion. Little do these people realize, some of us what to or are chasing for research and data that could make a difference, that could save livestock, property and most importantly lives. MJ, your doing a good thing.


Thank you MJ for wanting to make this world a better place. I have friends on Kansas & Missouri. Every spring I worry about their safety. One friend has a NWS warning radio in her bedroom & has rehearsed with her family. Another keeps a constant eye on tv weather. Last weekend she decided to spend an entire night in the basement with her kids.

It is because of storm chasers that my friends know how to stay safe. You have chosen a fantastic profession.