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Back to the Northeast "Polar Vortex Pattern" through the end of March


Based on the latest CPC outlook for March 19-25, with strong negative temperature anomalies expected for the northeast U.S. and much above normal over the West, it looks like the start of tornado season in the South will be delayed until at least April…


I agree. Here’s the SPC tornado graph for 2014 I think that numbers will be similar this year but maybe even a bit later season. Obviously there hasn’t been any event this year like that late February event last year but I think late April into June will be the most active time of year for 2015. Time will tell though…


CPC 3 month outlook

More average temps across most of the U.S. at this point with the exception of the southern plains/ western gulf coast. Severe weather focus around Dixie Alley/ Carolinas April/May???