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Can anybody reccomend any good, free PC weather radars?


I used the trial for grlevel2 which is really good, but is there anything like that for free?


this is what i use
i think its pretty good


Nothing Good in life, ir for being safe is ever free. Pay the fee and get what you need.


Sorry mate. Nothing of quality is free. Gibson Ridge is a tad expensive but think of it this way, at the national weather service we use GRLevel2 so I would say it’s worth it.


If I’m just wanting to track storm movement on my PC then I use as my go-to. You can customize it a great deal and for me it’s easy and quick to get right to a radar when you don’t want any other BS. For my phone I use weatherbug. Again, nothing fancy with that one, it’s just simple to use and has a great animated radar. You should be able to change the app settings to where it automatically defaults to the animated radar when you open the app. There may even be a PC version. Anyways good luck, I hope either of these help!



One thing I left off about using WeatherBug. To toggle animation for the radar I believe you have to hit the M key.


You might try WWW.WUNDERGROUND.COM and another is Both are free.