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Can anyone recommended a website link or Android APP where I can find previous day's reflectivity and velocity loops that's interactive?


I can’t seem to find a good website that has the previous 24 hour radar loops that I can personalize to zoom, set speed, choose between reflectivity and relative velocity… Does anyone know where I can find a product that has these features? If you have any in mind, could you reply with the link to the website or name any APPS, (Android preferred,) that would have this? Had some bad weather here last night and I’m just curious to see what came through… A tornado was confirmed just west of my city and I want to see the wind speed velocity around that time. I also like to view past events, so if the site or app has that functionality, that would be awesome! Thank everyone in advance!


I looked at the following topic, Please add your best Weather App screenshots, (Please add your best Weather App Screenshoots) and checked out some of the websites and apps, but it seems like the functionality that I’m seeking is lacking in all… Makes me a sad panda, (South Park reference,) since I’ve searched every major weather site and still cannot find what I’m looking for… Again, any kind of suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks again all!


I’m getting sad… I really hoped to get at least one suggestion by now…




Thank you! The maps are ALMOST what I’m looking for, but the loops only go out 200 hours. Do you know of a site where I can pick a any date, time and location and watch the different loops?


Thank you! On their site, I can only view the last 24hrs… Is there a location on the site that will replay loops for any date, time and location?


I looked all over the site and didn’t find anything like that.


@mbowserjr, you said in the title and main post that you wanted a

But @canfielddennis and @roadfish gave you the link to the best radar we know of, and in my opinion they gave you pretty much what you wanted in the first place :neutral_face:.
And I don’t even know of a radar that can go back that far and still give you the versatility and control.


@JarretR , oh they did give me exactly what I asked for and that’s why I thanked them both individually. I wasn’t trying to sound unappreciative in any way at all! The day that I posted this topic, we had severe weather the night before, so that’s why I asked for the previous day’s loop, but that was a few days ago now, (and to be clear, I wasn’t expecting people to drop everything just to reply, I realize that responses usually take a couple of days, so I should have been more clear,) so when I looked at the 2 sites and found that I couldn’t go back to the 17th/18th, I just added the part about going further back. Sorry if I came off as ungrateful as I certainly didn’t intend to, so I apologize to anyone that thought otherwise!


Nope! I am not implying that you were ungrateful in any way, but now that you explain it that way it makes sense! :smile: :+1:


At the bottom of their “Wondermap” you can put in the start and end times and dates that you wish to view. :slight_smile:


I didn’t even see the calendar icon on my tablet! Thank you!

#14 will Allow you to put in different dates, start times and end time in a loop. just go to the bottom where it say’s “Past 1 hour” and click on the arrow to the right of it and chose the “custom duration” and then just put in your date and times that you want your radar loop to start and end. :smile: