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Can i help you guys at TVN in any way?


Hi, I am 14 years old. I have always dreamed of becoming a Storm Chaser, and i watch many videos on Youtube about storms that have hit. Tornadoes are my favorite storms of all time, and i have downloaded the app for TVN. I had to un install it because i never saw any tornadoes, but that isn’t my point. Is there a specific way that i can help you guys? I don’t get Tornadoes where i am, but i feel that i can help you all in some way.

I really appreciate the fact you read this,
Kimmy Stearns


Hey funny thing im 14 too!! lol


Well, there is a lot of ways to help TVN. most of the time is to keep live streaming storm chasers and give a heads up of tornadoes in the area where they are. And also you do a live stream yourself when you get older but right now the only thing you can do is just do research and Storm Chasing activities while you’re young. And then when you get older and get a permit for driving. Then you can persuade yourself to do Storm Chasing for TVN.


Hey, thanks for the info!


No prob!! hey if you have any more questions let me know!! :slight_smile:


thats my dream as well and when i get old enough and get a job to start out with and im either gonna get a 1984 jeep cherokee XJ or a 1995-96 dodge ram 2500 quad cab long bed and in red and im gonna outfit it with storm chasing stuff like a anometer a hydrometer and a broameter amber LED’s or beacon lights and a 50" off road LED light bar a 4" lift and some BFG A/T tires. :smiley:


Hey, i’m 14 as well and I would love to be a storm chaser too! I’m not sure of any other ways to help out TVN other than the ones listed but I was wondering if you have a kik or an instagram? If so, it would be cool to talk to someone else who is my age and enjoys the same type of severe weather as me! If you want to, you can list it below. Also, i’m not sure if you know about these but there are weather camps all over the nation that you can go to. They are usually week-long away from home camps. I have gone to the one in Nebraska for 2 years but I wasn’t able to last year due to a rule change.


Good for you Kimmy! There are websites where you can learn about weather.
Take advantage of folks here and there might be some chasers who have Facebook pages and may be willing (while they aren’t chasing of course), always ask first if they have the time to do this as many have regular jobs and families and just don’t have time.
While watching tornado videos is interesting think about learning weather patterns, how they form and such too. There are probably some good videos about this on Youtube too.
There is much more to chasing than putting a camera in a vehicle and chasing after a storm but maybe you know this already.
Who knows? You may want to become a meteorologist one day!
It’s wonderful there are young folks interested in the sciences. Good luck to you.


I am 18, love storm chasing! It is a pain to start into, beings theres not really a ton of information on how to start, but once you figure it out it is a lot of fun. Just stay safe, keep your eyes open, and if it seems too dangerous for your liking, chances are it is too dangerous.