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I have been searching for a way to mount a radar unit on my car. I don’t like the idea of relying on an app or the internet for this, as service can be sketchy out west from what I hear. Would it be possible to take a boat’s radar, mount it to a car, and use it as a real-time weather radar? I have been trying to some up with a way to have real time radar data from my current location, instead of a station quite a few miles away. I know it would not be cheap, but it seems a lot cheaper than buying a DOW and using it, plus it would be more maneuverable :smiley:
I would love to hear your ideas. Any input???


Not cheap and not sure how much better it would be.


Here is another one more of the type some news stations use.


@gnaese Thanks for the suggestion. the only issue is that they radars at that site seem to bee a little large to mount on a car. I will look around more, though, and see what I can find.


@N5MKY I was having an issue trying to determine if they see weather, or just nav obstructions. Thanks for the info. Will definitely look there some more.


One more thing to consider is the power requirements for high resolution radar that will do any better than what you get online, even if the cellular data coverage is sketchy. Or you could check out a satellite service, such as what Sirius offers. But once the weather is over you, you might lose reception.


I could, I guess. I don’t know why, but I was trying to avoid having to use radar from another source, but that seems to be the only way right now. I was hoping there was some way that I could get a real-time, on location view of what was actually happening. The issue that I have seen is that most of the radars I have seen are either for nav purposes or too large to practically fit on a vehicle. I was hoping for a small, portable unit that I could put on top of my car, and use it when I needed to. Thanks for your help though, and if you see anything else, please post it :slight_smile:


This is what you’re looking for… WXWorx


The only thing is that that is a receiver. I was hoping to find something that would let me take real-time snapshots of the tornado or storm. Thanks for your help, thought. I might end up using it



My name is Tim Boyd I am very interested in this subject also. I Believe that a millimeter wave radar can be cobbled together from descrete components. The systems for sale out there are hopelessly expensive, but the discrete components are not. I am a physicist, I have designed and built microwave components when I worked at NASA -JPL. Also I am working on a design for a laser doppler LIDAR hand held device for tornado research.

please get back to me on this


But how much will the lead suit cost?


Hi Tim,
THANKS!!! I have not thought about building it from different components, but I would like to explore that option. What would be the next step? How much would it cost? I have not thought of using LIDAR. due to costs. What are your thoughts?



Great, thanks

Lets get a conversation going on this. I will start looking for components for millimeter wave and LIDAR again. The technology is advancing so fast and components are mostly geting cheaper

Tim Boyd


no lead needed here but a person should avoid the transmit beam


How do you find the components?


go to register on site look at mmwave radar and mmwave components we need to find older surplus mm wave components so we can afford this stuff

Tim Boyd



Please lets renew our conversation. I would like to talk about LIDAR.

Tim Boyd


What was the out come of this?


Thanks everyone for your input. At this time, I feel like it will be best to not move forward with this direction. It would take a great deal of funding and expertise that I currently don’t have at the moment. Also, I have found out that the device could interfere with other, more important, radar units. I am still interested in revisiting this down the road, but at this time it is not feasible. Thanks again for your time and interest.


Hello AM3_1_2007

Sorry that I cant personally give you any good recommendations for a mobile radar. Most options other than apps are very expensive and might put your finances in jeopardy, but don’t stop looking. :slight_smile: