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Data usage for streaming?


I’ve been following TVN for a few years now, and am wanting to start my own stream. Before I dive into it, i’d like to know how much data is typically used during a 2, 3, 4, or 5 hour stream? (5gb? 10gb? etc…) Data packages seem outrageously priced, but it’s obviously required for a good stream.

Thanks and happy chasing.


Since data plans are based on a monthly cycle the best way to estimate it would be to figure out how many hours a month you would be chasing (or at least streaming) and what your average bitrate would be.

Then you could use this formula below, where x is number of hours streamed each month and y is your average bitrate in terms of Kbps (kilobits per second), to get how many KB (kilobytes) of data you used:

(x * 3600) * (y / 8) = KB of data

To get MB just divide the result by 1024, to get GB divide that result by 1024 again.

For example if you streamed 50 hours at a bitrate of 500Kbps, you would have used 11,250,000KB of data, or 10986.4MB, or 10.73GB.


Thanks for the data info, recommend any specific carriers/plans? In Tx/Ok most look spotty for coverage and wanted to check What others use. I have been looking from Verizon- pretty pricy to Karma hotspot and all in between. Thanks, and sorry if this is already asked I searched the forums and couldn’t find it myself.