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Do not post here if a live stream is not working


Why? The short answer is that live streams go down and there’s nothing we or the chaser can do about it. In fact this happens very often, depending on the chase area it’s possibly to see more than half of the streams disconnected at any given time. In fact it’s even possible they can all be disconnected.

We of course display a streaming/disconnected status but you can not always rely on it. Sometimes the chaser is pushing just enough data to trigger the streaming status when the data can not actually be decoded into a video stream on some or all clients. I’ve seen this happen for extended durations at time but we also want to err on the side of showing them as streaming rather than showing them as disconnected for entire duration while they are broadcasting a lower quality stream. It’s a balancing act on where to set this threshold. So if a stream is not working but the status says streaming, 99.9% of the time this means the chaser is experiencing data issues on their end. Simply switch over to a different chaser, if there’s no other chasers streaming then just be patient. Streaming dash cams over wireless networks in the US (especially more rural areas) still requires patience.

So please, do not clutter up our forum with posts about a chaser stream being down. Any such posts will be deleted as soon as we see them.

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