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Do Tornados Die over Water or Follow Water?


I was in a discussion with some people about tornados, and someone mentioned that tornados follow the water.I found that to be an odd statement as most tornados from my experience are over farmland and flat dry climates. I remember the Moore Tornado of a couple years ago died over Lake Stanley Draper and remembered someone mentioning that water usually kills tornados. So what is true and what isn’t?


I would’t say they “follow” water, but i would think that water would help weaken it. I’m not the expert, so don’t go tell that to everybody :wink:
But it so happens that the modern day Doctor, Friend, Enemy, Dictionary, Photo Album, and Lyric Finder happens to be a Meteorologist as well, so I would ask Google! Good Luck! :smile:


I suppose there are waterspouts which are generally weaker so it might weaken the tornado. I don’t know about tornadoes following water though. Seems kind of odd for them to do that unless rivers/lakes/oceans have some weird connection with clouds or rotating funnels.


I too have heard that tornadoes follow water, and on May 10, 2010 when a tornado hit my house I observed that it followed a small creek for several miles before roping out.


This is a common myth, there’s absolutely no evidence to scientifically support these claims.


I would think the temp of the water may effect it.


To my knowledge, water does not necessarily stop a tornado every time but it can, depending on the size, depth and temperature of the body of water. Deep and/or cold water is said to stop them, which, if it’s true, may be the reason I’m still breathing.
As for a tornado following water, I think that is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard about tornadoes. But then, I could be wrong. I suppose the temperature and air currents around a lake or river could affect the path of a tornado.


Not only is it a myth, the opposite is true. There are plenty of videos of tornadoes crossing rivers and lakes, the 6/1/11 Springfield, MA tornado for example.