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Dominator Vehicles & Tornado Chasers


Hey there. I’m new here & recently saw, for the 1st time, episodes of Tornado Chasers. I realize the footage is from years ago. I’m wondering if the Dominator vehicles are still in operation. Also, does anyone know if there be more episodes of Tornado Chasers in the future? I loved watching it, got such a rush, was on the edge of my seat.:sunglasses::tornado:


I haven’t seen anything in a few years I don’t know what he’s doing. I do know if you go to Facebook and follow Reed timmer extreme weather chaser you can watch what he’s doing there. But yeah I was wondering the same thing.


Hey @kd8aak, thanks for the info.:sunglasses: I very recently found his page on Facebook & started following. His tornado chases are such a rush… @reedtimmer is very knowledgeable & gets so excited & passionate about it all. ‘Intercept’ must be one of his fave words.:grin: Hope to see more vids soon.