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First tornado warning!


Finally, we have a tornado warning as of March 24th 2015, at 6:54 CDT a warning was listed! Any more? WE SHALL SEE!!!


Well, @tomweatherservice is right and also a glitch in the system, I tried logging in and it created a new user account. So just for reference, same person!


This was not the first tornado warning of March 2015, there was a tornado warning in Louisiana on the 12th.


It shouldn’t have done that provided you used the same email address. If you used a different email address then it would have created a new account over here.

Update: It looks like you used two different email addresses, meaning you have two different accounts. You probably logged into the second account thinking you were logging into the first.


Watched the warning. The velocities were a bit weak but the hook looked nice on weather defender.
I was amazed to see that it was not being chased. Everyone seemed to go off air around Springfield.


Yeah, the hook was very pronounced…