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How can you learn about meterology/torandoes online?


Hello All,

I have always had an interest in tornadoes and meteorology and I have learned a few things as I have followed weather. However, I have no meteorological background and would love to learn more about meteorology and tornadoes in general. Are there any good sources that people recommend to learn about tornadoes and in general, meteorology that does not involve taking a college course? Also what different graphics and maps can be accessed to better follow tornado activity?



Watch and Those are links to Tornado Video Classics volume i and ii. They’re from the late 80s/early 90’s , there are 3 parts but I can’t seem to find the 3rd one on youtube. It’s a combination of educational film and documentary, from the first tornado ever caught on film forward to the 90’s. It’s an excellent source to learn some fundamental information about tornadoes. If for some reason the links didn’t show , you can just look them up on the tube.

As far as following the weather, the more you know about what you’re looking at the better you’ll want your radar, maps, etc to be. I’m seemingly in a similar boat as you are. I have very minimal knowledge about certain parts of weather. Especially when it comes to “The right conditions for a tornado” there are so many variables that I have yet to learn them all. I know what cape is, and cap, and mesocyclones, and different cloud types, and scud, and things like that, but when it comes to the numbers, I’m clueless still. So I don’t use the more fancy weather radars (GRLevel2 or GRLevel3) which provides 3D animations and an entire arsenal of tools and and graphs and radar options that i would be just completely absurdly lost while reading lol… though It may not be the same for you. I’m kind of a slower learner so it’d take me quite a while to get used to it… I haven’t used radarscope but that’s the next best thing I hear so many people get that, which is an App for android or iPhone, 10 dollar one time fee. unless you subscribe which just basically gives you the addition of lightning strikes, which is silly… i dont really know many people who pay for the subscription. for me? I simply use the weatherunderground website or app. and on occasion i’ll just google random interactive radar websites n mess with those …

I don’t chase, which, I want to do in the very near future, for search and rescue and photography purpose, so I’d like to beef up on my weather knowledge as well. Or I’ll just have to team up with someone who knows more than me…plus i don’t want to chase alone. I’d like to be a part of a team :slight_smile: . Though i have zero intention of core punching or intercepting etc, so I feel that even at my very basic knowledge of storms that I could safely chase a storm and not put myself in any danger. That being said, I would never consider doing it, by myself or with anyone else if I didn’t think I could handle myself in that situation.


Thanks for the response johnny!


Do you know how you can view the type of radar in which you can even see tornado debris ball signatures?


You should be able to see the debris signature on GRLevel2 or GRLevel3 I always mention both becaue from my understanding 2 is the better because it shows more detailed images of the radars but 3 is cheaper and the radar image is more “blocky” … not sure which else would show that in that same spectrum of radars that are as good as those programs though. nor do i specifically know how to see them myself to answer that question more specifically. maybe someone else knows ? that could answer for both of us lol


Go to and both sites have online training thats just a few hours which has detailed information on thunderstorms and tornado development.


You can also try
There is a skywarn course on there and also many other courses to lean about meteorology. All for free


MetEd is a fantastic site!