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How much does it cost to start chasing?


Hey guys, I have been interested in chasing for many years. As I have been getting ready to look past college and into the future, I have been setting goals I want to do. I have always loved storms, and have been close to many, including a waterspout and numerous hurricanes/tropical storms in Panama City Beach when I was much younger (why do they always come during summer break??), and have seen severe tornadic damage, when an EF-3 ripped through our small southwest GA town. Since then, I have tried to learn as much as possible.
I have decided to go into nursing, and know the starting salary at the hospital I want to work at. I am trying to figure out the cost of hobbies I want to get into, such as ham radio, and tornado chasing. What I don’t know is how much it costs to start chasing. I want to start small, but also have the equipment I need, cars, etc. So, what are your thoughts and recommendations?


How are you? Storm Chasing can be an expensive hobby for sure. My husband and I stream on TVN and we have invested thousands at this point . Starting up with basics you need to decide if you want to live stream, if so webcam/dashcams come into play and data usage/hotspot. Do you want to travel long distances to chase? If so, fuel and hotels are a consideration. Other Items you might need: weather radio, dual battery setup, emergency kits/first aid, GPS, USB GPS, laptop/tablets, power inverter DC to AC (allows you to run AC in vehicle). The list goes on and on…My advice to you is to do what we did, each season we would purchase something new and over time (in our case 3-4 seasons) we had established a decent setup. I hope this helps Good Luck!
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I’m a photographer, so I’ve got more money invested in my DSLR and lenses than all of my other chasing gear. How much you spend all depends on what you feel like you need.


Thanks!!! Streaming might not be as much of a priority as of this point (I really like my privacy), and it seems like a lot to go through. Do you get any money for it, or the warm fuzzy that you are keeping home-bound spotters like me sane. What do you mean by a USB GPS? Also, what are you dream toys?

thanks for your time.


Says who? I regularly fly my 747-8 into hurricanes and have a fleet on standby!!! :slight_smile:


What? Are you the President or something LOL?


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