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Hi, my name is Seth, I’m 13 years old and I’m interested in extreme meteorology. When I say “extreme meteorology” I’m referring to tornadoes and the supercells that create them. I’m writing to you because I wanted to know more about having a career in this area of meteorology. Specializing in severe weather and possibly even chasing storms, would be an amazing opportunity and an all time dream. When I was younger I was afraid of thunderstorms after seeing what had happened at El Reno in 2013. After that I looked up how a tornado was made and got hooked. Since then my mind has been set on this path. The further I investigate this phenomenon, the more I feel the thrill of these storms. I hope you could respond with further information and guidance.

Thank you in advance
Sincerely Seth Brown

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Hey Seth!
I totally understand what your facing, and although I am sure you wanted to hear from somebody like @reedtimmer, I would like to share what knowledge I have. When you say you want to get further into the field of meteorology, that is pretty vague. What I mean is that their are many types of meteorologists. You can work in the office of the National Weather Service, be the guy on TV, or you can do what I do, and be in the field chasing the tornados up-close-and-personal style. To get basic training, look into going to spotter training/certification programs hosted by the NWS, and read and learn as much possible before your old enough to go to a collage like Oklahoma University.

No matter what course you choose and how successful you are, keep in mind you are looking into one of the most dangerously awesome fields of work possible!
Stay safe and best of luck,
Jarret R.


Thank you so much for responding to my question Jarret. One of my favourite things about this field is that there are many people that share the same passion. Seeing chase videos is one of the things that drives me to reach my goal of having a career in researching and chasing these awesomely destructive phenomenon. I saw that your a videographer and was wondering if there was a way to see any of your videos.

Thanks Again


Yes Seth, I do have a YouTube channel, although I don’t have many storm related videos on it, you are welcome to check it out. Most of the videos are travel related or of my RC vehicles, but I do have a second channel that is somewhat new following one of my recent projects that involved building an RC vehicle that could withstand violent storms, much like @reedtimmer’s Dominators. I’m a self taught chaser pretty much, but I do a lot of chasing whenever there is a storm around my my area.

The link to my main YouTube channel is:

And the RCstormchasers link is:

Hope to hear more from you,
Jarret R.


Seth… you need to examine yourself, and focus there. Do you like “chasing the tiger?” or perhaps identifying all types of clouds and air masses or study air masses and predictions. If you like the video making or watching. If the weather is calm, is it still interesting? Only you have those answers. Theres tons of information out there for you NOW. Goal to get some certification. That would mean some degree and manage your goals. Managing your goals is great foundation for reaching them. … Challenge yourself daily. Continue to make contacts, never quit. The world will be yours.


Dear Seth,

To echo what Jarret said, you should be prepared to do more than just chase for a career. There are VERY few people like Reed (or Sean Casey) who can make a living through chasing and storm videography alone. Most of the people who are or were part of Reed’s team have full-time jobs outside the field of meteorology. For me, storm chasing is a hobby, one I am very passionate about, but still just a hobby.