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Ideal Storm Chasing Vehicle


So, if you were going to take a classic vehicle and trick it out to storm chase, what would be your recommendations to add onto this vehicle to make it run. Hit up your recommendations below. Thanks, Keep Chasing, Never Stop.

Paul D.
Outflow Bandits


use a Subaru Hatchback car to do the modifications ,you may have to change the glasss to a bullet resistant and beef up the suspension lower it and change the angle of the hub and camber . other that that the standard chasing gear ( phone , radar and camera and the thrill of seeing mother nature in action) . Dont forget to update hinges too so it can support the weight and may have to place supports for the door.


Mostly I’ll build TIV2.


My idea is a 8 wheel TIV with probe storage, sirens in case regular fail, multiple weather instruments, and the ability to go 110 on a highway. any suggestions on what to add or how to make this a reality