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Is 2016 season going to be a hit?


share your thoughts about the 2016 tornado season is going to be like.


I don’t think anyone can know at this point. Even if you asked this question again in February 2016, the answers would still be guesses, although there would at least be a little more data available to make educated guesses.


Well if you think about it. There were a few Tornadoes in the fall which is probly the shift of the cold air in the moist air. But in Arizona there was a funnel cloud in the middle of fall in north Phoenix Which was excited, but that’s when the cold dry air came took over then the tornadoes in TX and other states were not forming. Then that’s when I started thinking maybe next spring would be more dangerous than 2013 how it was such a risk.


Think about El niño.


Well it also depends on what part of the region you’re from. With the super El Nino in effect this year, I sadly see a much quieter spring. However, that can depend on when the El Nino ends as well.


If you look at the few years of El Nino’s, it’s cause more tornadoes than on an average year, but the tornadoes are about the same length and intensity as any given year. The El Nino jet streams are allowing the cooler air to move farther up north into the US and allows warmer and to sink farther down to the south. So places like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, have the possibility to see above average numbers or storms and tornadoes.


I think it will because their has already been a few tornadoes so far this year, and were only a little over a month into the 2016, my thought is that this year will be a busy year for storm chasers all over the United States.


Thanks for the add. Looking to become live in the next yea chase.