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Is it possible for a ef1 tornado to pick up a huge plane?


what would happen to a plane if a ef1 hit it (the plane is huge like at the nation airport) tell me what could happen please and send me a comment please!!! :smiley:


Please defin “huge plane”? Your idea of a huge plane might be different from mine. Like at the nation airport doesn’t define it either. Most aircraft of any size might sustain some wind damage from a direct hit of an EF1


I’m no expert, but wind against the wings would generate more than enough lift, and from the side… Well, high winds, large surface area, problems self explanatory. plus the fly debris MAY be able to puncture the somewhat thin airplane skin.


Any tornado vs. ANY AIRPLANE = Bye bye airplane


EF-1 tornadoes and F-1 tornadoes are two different things. The old scale (Fujita) is measured by wind speed. The new scale (Enhanced Fujita) is measured by ground damage. So if there’s a tornado that has 300 mile per hour winds and impacts a city or town that would be EF-5. But if that same tornado knocks down a lawn chair, it’s and EF-0. So to answer your question, an EF-1 tornado that has 300 mile per hour winds touches down hitting a Boeing 747 and lifts, it could pick ithe plane up and maybe throw it.


A lot depends, as has been stated, on the type of aircraft. I assume you are referring to a B-747/777 or A380 type aircraft. First, if the plane is stopped at the gate, empty, and dark, the plane might get blown around a bit, maybe even flipped, but the main threat would be flying debris. You are not going to have a hull loss because the plane was blown around a few feet. Most likely, there would be slight debris damage to the body of the aircraft, but because you are referencing an EF-1, there will not have been a lot of damage to surrounding structures, and most likely not that much damage to the aircraft either.

Now, say for example that the plane is on final, or has just landed or taken off, you are dealing with a whole other scenario. First, though, as a word of explaination, the FAA would have put a ground stop on the airport long before severe weather capable of producing a tornado was anywhere near the field as numerous planed have been downed due to winds on takeoff or landing, so this scenario is highly unlikely. However, if this did occur, you could (probably would) be looking at a great loss of life. The period of time just before and after takeoff and landing is the most delicate in terms of aircraft stability. Pilots are highly trained to respond to strong gusts of wind at this point, but a tornado could most likely flip a plane, or cause an unrecoverable deviation from its flight path, either due to being slammed into the ground, being pushed over, or the pilot overcompensating for the sudden lift.

Hope this helps. Would like to see this discussion continue.


You are 100% correct in my opinion. If an EF-1 hit a large aircraft like a 747 or an A380 when at the gate, it would be tossed around the gate like a toy, but if it was landing or taking off at high enough speeds (about 250mph) it would rip a lot of the outer liner clean of the plane and probably break the elevators and the gears which in turn, would create a situation of no control over the lift of the wings or landing leading to a crash and like you said, a massive loss of life.