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Is it possible for wall clouds to form under cumulus clouds?


I recently saw a bunch of scuds takes form of a wall cloud-like formation under a medium size cumulus cloud with some decent vertical development.I tried researching or finding photos but I never found anything really.
Any thoughts on this?


Scud clouds that resemble a wall cloud are pretty common. I have never seen any under a cumulus cloud, but there is nothing stopping them from forming under them. An important thing to note though, just because they resemble a wall cloud, that doesn’t mean they are one. Wall clouds rotate, scud clouds do not. Hopefully this helps/makes sense.


Yeah they were pretty “scuddy”. Not all wall clouds rotate.


You are correct, even a spot on the spotter network for “non rotating wall cloud report”… An interesting note, try time laps, you will find most do rotate, just some are quite slow.


Unfortunately, my camera does not have time lapse, and one of those hack SDK’s aren’t stable enough to run well on my camera. But I guess if you watch very closely for like 2-3 minutes then you’ll probably see them slowly twisting.