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Is there money in storm chasing? What are ways in which chaser monetize?


I see alot of expensive equipment and heavy duty vehicles being used in these chases. How do some of these chasers find the money for the continuance of their operation. Does it come from fund raising, photo/video submissions, ad revenue ect ect or is it all from personal savings. I would love to one day be out there after I am comfortably educated and with a great team but I cant fathom the cost associated with year round chasing…Is everyone retired?


There really is no way to make money storm chasing. You definitely can cover your costs by being a freelancer for media and or putting together a paid seasonal episodic sort of thing. You don’t have to have the expensive equipment. My teams equipment altogether probably is around $5000 and with the little that we do make we cover out operational costs and do make back a little that we spent on our equipment. But be sure this is a route you want to go. It takes a very very long time to start making any kind of money because experience is everything. This really is more of a hobby so be prepared to spend a lot of money and not really make that back up. Most chasers work other jobs, like myself I work 2 jobs, my partner works 1, and others on our team work together and their own business. A large majority of chasers are retired., but not everyone. So in summary. It’s very hard to make money just chasing, and you should treat it as a hobby.

Feel free to get in touch with me and I can talk to you more about how to make money chasing.


Awesome response rbarenklau and thank you… WHEN/IF I do get out there it will out of pure love for the beauty and power of the atmosphere, absolutely a hobby. Ive already made the decision to hold off for quite some time so I can educate my self properly on these often unpredictable systems. However, hobbies often require significant income so I was curious what some people may do to offset damaged vehicles, equipment failures, gas…ect ect…I am a photographer so perhaps in the future I can join a knowledgeable team and contribute in that way while I learn other aspects… Thanks for taking the time to respond :slight_smile: I am ok with just offsetting cost!