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Joplin Tornado Anniversary


I did have a question. In many of the accounts of the Joplin tornado—and there are quite a number of books out there—survivors recount a curious “calm” in the middle of the tornado’s onslaught. Some state that it was an “eye,” while others deny such a thing exists. Luke Dittrich’s acclaimed account of the Fastrip station, which was published in Esquire magazine and is now posted online, makes a distinction between the “storm preceding it” and the tornado itself, but can the storm suck the front of a service station straight up “like a skyrocket”? Thanks for your feedback!


Of course, especially the Joplin tornado! Strong tornadoes are known to lift structures into the air, well still being completely intact. So having just the front of the station shoot up, it’s very well possible.


Thanks for the response, but the big question I had is if there is an “eye” in the middle of a tornado in which there would be a “calm.”