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Kids wanting to chase


my names brady I’m ten I am a certified chaser its kind of boring out there in the wrold


Only 6 years until you can get a car. lol.
I just started storm chasing this year here is my first video of chasing.


I am 16, planning on chasing farther out from home at around 20 or 21. So far this is what I’ve got put together:


Hi I’m 13 and since I was three I wanted to be a chaser. I live in Ohio so do you know any colleges that are good out there for meteroglogy?


Hello 4j25

I’m Ethan, I am 12 years old and I’ve wanted to be a Chaser since I saw the show in 2008. I absolutely love the video! I cant chase even with a camera because I live in West Virginia and I don’t get many tornadoes to watch sadly. I cant just sympathize myself though. Like I said, I love the video and keep up the good work!


Hi guys i am 28 and ive storm chaseing no tornados yet just been following storms but this uear me and my gf are planning to go out to Weld County, CO to go tornado chaseing and try to chech some tornados here in arizona near Tucson. I would love to go on a chase with reed the crew that would be a blast.


Hi guys,

My name is Matt, and I am the head of TN Storm Chasers. Very few people in our group, being that I’ve moved away and haven’t had the chance to get the word out about the group. Back on topic however, I am 17, going to be 18 on June 30th, and I have participated in a few chases, such as one in Portland, Maine where I caught a rain wrapper on the way home from Massachusetts. It was bad, being that I was caught in traffic as people decided to do the stupid thing and get under the over passes. I was yelling for people to move, and when they finally did, it was too late, and I missed the tornado. You can probably imagine my disappointment with all those people under the overpasses. Tornadoes sparked my interest when I was about 5 years old, and continued all through my life, even into April 2011, where I was living in Tennessee. I’m surprised I survived, being that a few of the tornadoes was at night. My house didn’t take it too nicely. We lost parts of the roof, and the porch was messed up. But I survived.

Thanks for taking the time to listen. I hope you guys have a good day.

“Never stop the chase when you are near the tornado”


Im 16 as well. I hope to be a chaser. I want to go to OU due to there top rated meteorology courses. If ya got any pointers that I don’t know, email me at


Pennsylvania State University has a wonderful meteorology program. There are also many other top notch schools out there that offer meteorology programs.


Like Oklahoma State, right?


University of Oklahoma Norman has a top program.
Oklahoma State also has a program.


yea, that’s what I meant. OU sooners


:joy: I’m 13 and I want to be a chaser since 2009


If you live near North Texas you can easily get your chasing career started! Dallas -Fortworth has a lot of activity in very early spring (mainly march) to chase. The storms are weaker and are good for beginners,but don’t always produce tornadoes. It’s still good to get used to conditions of storms! You don’t have to wait as long too!


Hello, my name is Tyler Burton. I’ve just began storm chasing as a hobby, I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was 4. I’m 14, so I only chase locally around town, and I don’t drive a car obviously, but I ride my bike. If you’re interested, I’ve just started a new series on my YouTube channel.


He brady, I’m jack I am 12 and share your passion lol all i need is a drivers liscens XD


hey guys i’m 13 and want to start storm chasing does anyone have advice.


what app is that app you are using because i want to start my self