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Kids wanting to chase


Im 16 as well. I hope to be a chaser. I want to go to OU due to there top rated meteorology courses. If ya got any pointers that I don’t know, email me at [email protected]


Pennsylvania State University has a wonderful meteorology program. There are also many other top notch schools out there that offer meteorology programs.


Like Oklahoma State, right?


University of Oklahoma Norman has a top program.
Oklahoma State also has a program.


yea, that’s what I meant. OU sooners


:joy: I’m 13 and I want to be a chaser since 2009


If you live near North Texas you can easily get your chasing career started! Dallas -Fortworth has a lot of activity in very early spring (mainly march) to chase. The storms are weaker and are good for beginners,but don’t always produce tornadoes. It’s still good to get used to conditions of storms! You don’t have to wait as long too!


Hello, my name is Tyler Burton. I’ve just began storm chasing as a hobby, I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was 4. I’m 14, so I only chase locally around town, and I don’t drive a car obviously, but I ride my bike. If you’re interested, I’ve just started a new series on my YouTube channel.


He brady, I’m jack I am 12 and share your passion lol all i need is a drivers liscens XD


hey guys i’m 13 and want to start storm chasing does anyone have advice.


what app is that app you are using because i want to start my self


hi im 14 years old my name is katelyn. i grew up wanting to be a storm chaser because my whole family is just a group of storm chasers. i find tornadoes very interesting. i want to help incerce warning time and find more info about them.


i live in yazoo mississippi and i’ve lived hear all my life. mom would yell at me when i would grab my video camera and take off running in the storm filming the funnel clouds that form near our home.


when my family goes out storm chasing they would take me out and i would get to help film and help control the teem. ive been doing this sence
i could talk


How old are you? Your spelling and grammar concern me.


I am 16, will be 17 soon and This will be my first year of real storm chasing. I live in south central Minnesota around Glencoe. I will be chasing with one of my good friends around Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa. We are only going to chase on the days with a high tornado threat, and are hoping we catch some good shots. I run the website that updates the upper Midwest on Snowstorms and Severe weather. I have a Nikon D3300 and a Camcorder for Recording, Then a mac book pro for radar.


im 14 years old i have a disorder were its really hard for me to spell the right way or anything its complicated to explane


That makes more sense, thanks for clarifying! :smiley:


yeah this disorder slows me down and ect but its not gonna slow me down to be a storm chaser but how are you?


I’m doing good, I understand that some disorder can’t slow you down from chasing. Hope that you make it out there and become one of the top storm chasers in your country or even the world!