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Live streaming service spam posts


Unfortunately there are people trying to take advantage this forum and resorting to unethical spamming tactics to promote other platforms for streaming storm chases.

Earlier we had a spammer who registered multiple accounts trying to act as if he was a user praising another service and suggesting people try it out when in fact he was actually the operator of the service. I have closed and unlisted the topic (which was likely not initially started by a spammer). We’ve been noticing similar behavior on our FB pages as well.

Normally it wouldn’t be an issue at all as long as the representation is honest and there is no direct solicitation, but given the fact we recently discontinued our service, it seems the temptation to spam and engage in other unethical behavior is too great. As a result we are not allowing post to suggest or link to other live storm chasing services and applications at this time.

We’ll revisit this policy later after things cool off a bit.

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