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Making an open source storm chasing simulator


my idea was that maybe a storm chasing simulator could be made written in c or c++ and available for linux, mac and windows, and maybe released under whatever license of choice (i might have first though proprietary, but open source would be nice). so would be nice to hear from reed timmer or whoever makes these decisions on this matter.


I’m not sure why you would need us to make a decision on this. You are free to make a storm chasing simulator, you don’t need our permission. :smiley: Sounds like a cool idea.


Haha yes, I agree. Would be pretty cool :smiley:


Very Inventive, but as a suggestion, use HTML5 or JavaScript for code because those two languages would have the most physics engine capabilities and make the tornadoes and other graphics intensive features easier and with less lag.


i though javascript was slower in a lot of cases. but a lot of people disable java script by default because of security risks. c++ is a fast compiled language but hard as !@#$ to understand. but i seggest a c language.
and libenet for a network transfer library. and i need to learn the whole c++ language before writting this XD.


well i don’t know enough code XD. i would need help with making models of the dominator, and other storm chasing vehicles and permission of the owners of the storm chasing vehicles and what the owners of the vehicles want me to licence a model under. proprietary, or open source.


I see what you mean now, you would need our permission to use Dominators and other IP. However, there’s nothing stopping you from making a simulator / game with fictional chase vehicles and characters. I’d imagine that would likely be more entertaining if done right as fiction is only limited by your imagination.


You may be surprised what you can do well (performance-wise) in higher level languages these days, the benefit being a lower barrier to entry if you’re just learning.

They even have the Unreal 3 engine running the browser via asm.js, it’s not hand-written JavaScript but the point is that you can actually do a lot of things in the browser these days. As @TWS_Weather mentioned, there are a lot of frameworks and engines for HTML5/JavaScript game dev.

That said, there are definitely scenarios where going native (C/C++) makes more sense and I think that will always be the case to some degree, especially for the cutting edge.


yeah but then if i did make or use a model of the dominator with reed or whoever owns rights to the dominator’s permission. would the code or at least the model need to be released under a properietary licence.


That’s a good question. I’m not a lawyer so I really don’t know what the right answer to that question is. The Dominator is protected as a trademark and is part of our IP and I’m not sure if granting permission to use it in an open source game would somehow affect that status, maybe. I do know there are some open source projects out there where the name and logo of the project itself is a registered trademark so I imagine there has to be a way. I think it’s just one of those questions a lawyer would have to answer.


I’m no computer code expert (yet :smile:) but I do also agree with @TWS_Weather that JavaScript and HTML5 would probably work well. I know more about JavaScript than HTML5 but not a ton about either so I won’t start trying to make suggestions hahaha. Definitely an awesome idea though :smiley:


i don’t want to use jave script because a lot of people disable java script due to security issues. also i want this to be open source.


HTML5 could work, Its just that you need a browser that supports (Google Chrome)


To be completely honest it is very unlikely we would grant permission to use the Dominator in something like this. We just have too much to lose and too little to gain from it. However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking this project on using fictional vehicles, characters, etc. Not to mention it would be much more rewarding to know people are downloading (or purchasing) your product based on it’s own merit, rather than the fact it would have a Dominator in it.


actually my idea was to seggest the idea of making the simulator. not if i could make the simulator. and i was asking if the simulator could be released under open source if possible. but if that is not an option. well at least please support linux, mac and windows.


I agree with @TWS_Weather and @seth it would be cool to see something like this with fictional characters and vehicles (the new movie Into the Storm proved that can work well for a story) would be interesting and probably a lot of people would be intrigued by it.


@ndjdjksisksk1 The open source movement is all about doing things yourself, at least up to the point where your project starts to gain traction. If you want something to happen, you have to work to make it a reality. I’ve been programming for a long time now and there has honestly never been a better time to learn new things.


about doing things myself??? lol well i have seen a lot of open source projects with a lot of developers on the same project.


That’s been my experience. I’ve never had people contribute to my open source projects until I did at least a little bootstrapping myself to get it going. Developers begin to use it and take notice and then add their own contributions. Certainly you can team up with people you know from the beginning but it’s very hard to just say “I want this idea to happen” and expect people to start working on the idea.


hi i am ndjdjksisksk1 XD. i usually use stormchaser3000 or stormchaser2000 (no i am not the first stormchaser3000 on youtube XD) well i will make a repository on gitlab for this. and then i was wondering if someone here wanted to help start some code while i learned c++ XD.