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Making an open source storm chasing simulator


why was my above post flagged? (assuming because i talked about y****** (a popular video shareing website)


Your post was automatically flagged by the system because of the following rule:

A new user created a topic, and another new user at the same IP address replied.

Rightfully so because this kind of behavior is typically indicative of some kind of abuse. Not saying that is the case here but it’s hard to imagine any legitimate reason one would need to post on the same topic under two different accounts they just recently created.

So I guess the real question would be: Why did you post under two different accounts?


the reason is that this is the username i wanted to use. i had just forgotten my password. ndjdjksisksk1 could be considdered my second account.


You’ll continue to get automatically flagged as long as you reply to this topic unless you reply with the account that created it.


@ndjdjksisksk1 that is something i have always wanted! Especially in the winter! :smile: Tell me when you get it published!


I hope u make a Oculus Rift support for it :slight_smile:


Try using a Unity Plugin. I have done some courses with that and seen some amazing games created with decent physics


i know i have posted about this before. but now i have a git repository up and i am asking for help with the project. the project is licensed under GPLv3 and i plan to write in c++ when i finally learn c++

github repo