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Managing Storm Chase Teams


I have been on the same chase team since 2013 and I can say it is difficult to keep a team strong and united. After many transitions we have finally built an awesome team and this is how we did it:

  • all chasers are independent and certified

  • we communicate constantly on IM (FB)

  • We are a “family” and on our downtime we talk to each other about life, problems etc…,

  • no “ranks” or fancy titles,we are all the same and treat each other equally

  • while out in the field chasing, we help each other out and work as a team. However, no one is obligated to read radar or guide you to a storm system since we are considered independent chasers under the SIA name. (99 percent of the time our team has someone on Zello to assist chasers in the field).

Basically a team can grow really fast and this can cause conflicts and drama. My advice to any future storm chase teams is to first, remember your passion for weather second, treat fellow team members like family (they might just save your life one day in the field) third, and most important… a team that works well together will do a much better job of keeping communities safe and notified.

Anyone else have advice or thoughts? feel free to share!

Jennifer M.


Hey Jennifer,

I currently live in Baltimore County, Maryland and have been chasing the MD, VA, PA WV area for about 5 years now. I saw my first tornado within a 50 yard range in southern, VA (Waverly tornado) a few moonths ago which turned out the be the deadliest tornado to hit VA in the month of February in recorded history. I was the first onscene to call 911 and to perform search and rescue of victims.

The reason for writing you is because I want to move to Oklahoma to be closer to storms and to learn more about them. Im about to finish my MBA and when I do, I think I am going to make this courageous move. Storms are my calling and I feel that I should be living out there. I wasnt sure if there was a way to reach out with other chasers, maybe help me find a place to live temporarily until I can find a job in the city and get settled and to meet like-minded people who share the same passion for severe weather and stormchasing.

It would be great to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas. My email address is and my number is 443-465-8129. Hope to hear from you. It would be great to get in contact with other chasers cuz Im basically alone out here in Maryland.

Take care, John


Hi John,
contact me on FB (cincy storm chasers.

Jennifer McMahan


Hey Jennifer,
I am about to log into FB and will reach out to you shortly.