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Models for beginners


What are some sites that I can look at models. I am a beginning storm chaser and enthusiast and I am wanting to know the good sites to use to look at models and forecast data. Thanks for the info!


Sure… (click Weather Analysis tools, then Numerical Models)


Is there a website that will teach us how to read certain models and what the models actually mean?


not really for sure…the best way to learn, is to talk with someone who knows their stuff…dosent matter what way but you can always talk to me 817-881-0108


I don’t know much about this, but NOAA has a ton of info on their site and you can learn a lot of the basic terminology and stuff there. Of course, you’re probably beyond that level. I started trying to learn last year, but I get a head ache just trying to make heads or tails of it all.


Go to College Dupage at click on Weather Analysis Tools and then numerial models
choose one exemple:NAM select model run (time),and then Convection Product,choose one 3km EHI these are with question mark, just click on it ,ex:of 3km EHI …Convective

3km Energy Helicity Index

3km EHI
Color Fill

Notes: Energy helicity index (EHI) is a composite index based on convective available potential energy (CAPE) and storm-relative helicity (SRH). The 3km version uses 0–3km storm-relative helicity (3SRH) and surface-based CAPE (SBCAPE). 0–3km EHI values greater than 1–2 have been associated with significant tornadoes in supercells. after look at the map …


This makes no sense at all to me, but it’s a great answer. Maybe I’ll give it a try someday when I’m feeling smart.