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Narrating the Chase


I am not a meteorologist and find streams more interesting and enjoyable when chasers explain what is happening. A few chasers do this and it’s great. When there’s no narration it gets confusing. There’s times I don’t even realize I’m looking at a tornado because often i can’t tell the difference between rain shafts and tornadoes. It’s a mystery why some rotations are passed up. When the chaser is parked I don’t exactly know what they’re waiting for. You get the picture.

It would be great if you all explained things. And thank you for providing a window into your exciting and dangerous world. Out here in on the coast in California we get two or three lightening strikes a year and no thunderstorms let alone a tornado. In fact our weather is very boring. So, ThanksI!


Ok @susanne good question! The reason some of them don’t narrate is because they don’t have audio, so obviously thats not possible then! But if they do have audio their is no rule that they have to narrate, it is just a courtesy. Now I do agree with you that when the narrate, it is easier to follow, but, from a chasers perspective, that would be more then a little exhausting to constantly be telling the viewer whats going on. I also know from experience that when in stressful chasing situations you want to concentrate on driving, not narrating! Also sometimes chasers will say something that is not-so-family-friendly and don’t want to slip and get in trouble, so they just disable audio.