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Please add your best Weather App Screenshoots


**Here are some screenshots from my iPhone. Would love to hear from others and see their screenshots. I found an awesome free ECMWF website. It is

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Simuawips is another awesome website. Fantastic free meteorological workstation, with great weather chart overlay capability. come on guys, let’s get some screenshots and good websites, I know you know some. is a very informative website. has some of the best geostrophic, isalobaric, wind flow and streamline maps on the net. A missing ingredient , most of you storm chasers forget to look at.


I use WeatherMate which is fast and even I can know the day’s temperature by simply looking at the app’s icon on the app’s screen. The Doppler radars work fine in fact I’m in love with its weather maps.

Can anyone recommended a website link or Android APP where I can find previous day's reflectivity and velocity loops that's interactive?

Thanks, Weathermateapp is very nice.


enter link description here is good source as well