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Question for tornado savvy people


Read an account of the Joplin tornado first published in Esquire Magazine. I’m quoting here:

"The tornado stretches twenty thousand feet into the sky. It is three quarters of a mile wide. It is not empty. It is carrying two-by-fours and drywall and automobiles. It is carrying baseball cards, laptop computers, family photo albums.
It is carrying people, as naked as newborns, their clothes stripped away like tissue paper.
It is carrying fragments of the Walmart where Carl and Jennifer met, of the church where Donna worships, of three of the nursing homes where Lacey works. It has traveled six miles through the city, and now it is carrying a great deal of the city within itself."
Wow, sounds like science fiction, but does this seem accurate? Thanks.


It sure does! A tornado of that magnitude can do a lot of unthinkable, unimaginable feats! If you watch the Weather Channel series, “Tornado Alley,” you’ll hear some of the most bizarre and mind blowing stories! People have been sucked up into the vortex and thrown hundreds of feet, had sand IMBEDDED in their skin and have gone through pretty much anything that you can think of. The Esquire story is completely possible! I hope that answers your question!


Thanks for the info!


Anytime! These forums have a VAST amount of info and a large community that likes informing anyone they can about all types of weather, so don’t hesitate to ask questions! We’re always happy to help!