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RC storm chasing vehicle UPDATE


Continuing the discussion from RC 1/10th scale Dominator:

Our original post was written before we had even thought of a design. This is the updated post, written after we have launched a website and a YouTube channel.
When we first mentioned the idea of an RC stormchasing vehicle, we were met with responses like:

[quote=“big_feller1983, post:11, topic:353”]
aint going to work at all
[/quote]And it wasn’t just here on TVNcommunity, dozens of others across the internet (not to mention from face-to-face conversations) criticized and laughed at the idea. So what did we do?
We did (and our doing) exactly what people said was impossible! No, we have not gotten it into a tornado, and, the honest to God truth is that we probably never will.

We have finished the main body, although we still make frequent adjustments and plan on adding accessories like lighting and GoPro camera mounts.
Now we are taking it into the worst mother nature has to offer, from large hail to gust fronts.
Now one huge question still lingers. How much can it handle? We have tested the RC vehicle in front of 80 MPH tennis ball machine, so we know it can handle some smaller debris. But what about baseball sized hail and 90+ MPH winds? We don’t have professional labs, so we will have to wait and find out when the next severe storm is in the area.

Stay tuned for epic videos on our YouTube page:
(And if you want to show your support, subscribe to our channel!)

PS: we don’t have a name for our vehicle yet, so we need you to help! If you know of a name that describes our RC vehicle, leave post below! :wink:

Storm Season 2015 (or lack of it!)
RC 1/10th scale Dominator

Well, that’s cool. Will we see in Battlebots?


Mini D. I would say Mini Dominator, but then I’m sure you’d need permission.


theoretically, it would be possible to create a small scale, working tiv2…


Tiv2 and the Dominators are very much alike, and we have been working on
the project (As you can see), but we sadly do not have the budget to
support such a hi-tech build. But yes that is a great idea! :slight_smile:


i know the feeling… i don’t even have a drivers license yet.


TIV2 is mostly better than TVN dominator watch Storm Chasers season 4 e8 dominator tiv showdown


I think this is a pretty brilliant idea if you can get a micro camera and put it inside of a little hole that you cut into the body of the vehicle. This can be covered by bullet proof glass allowing a perfect view, no wind resistance from the GoPro and, if you get the right one, you can often time find yourself a way to live stream through the camera. You can do this with a GoPro as well, but it will be a little bit more space required inside the vehicle.

Keep coming up with brilliant ideas!

Paul Davis
Extreme Videographer/Storm Chaser


Very unique and a new for science! You could name it the Tornado Trampler. I like the idea and keep up the great work! Hope you get it in a tornado and maybe, implement some research equipment just for science :wink: