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Recommended web cams for streaming (2015)


Any suggested usb webcams with manual focus

How do you stream on TVNweather Live Storm Chasing?

I believe the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 supports infinity focus which would work well for chasing. Autofocus is what you want to avoid because it will constantly focus on the rain drops on your windshield, blurring everything else in the distance.

I’m not aware of any other options but it’s very possible they exist as I don’t spend much time looking into webcams.

All webcams are limited by design because they are made to capture video just a few feet away from the camera in ideal light conditions while sitting perfectly still on top of your monitor. While chasing you’re capturing something in the distance and dealing with factors like vehicle vibration and sometimes low light conditions, basically the exact opposite of the intended use case of the product.


They have the c930 which is basically the c920 logitic but it has a 90 degree view range. and a few other random updates from the previous camera. would be nice to use those in my opinion


Found a Pilot electronics HD dash cam at Wal-Mart. $40. 120 degree field of view. Can record to sd card or has usb output to use as a webcam. Has worked great so far


oh true , a legit dash cam would be better than an average house use webcam like a c930 or c920 :stuck_out_tongue: plus with those features, can’t go wrong , is it a 1080p?


Yes it is. Also when not in webcam mode there is a screen that can be monitored


I use a Logitech C615 for my front camera being that it will pivot 180 degrees in each direction and the Logitech C920 for the rear window being that its a “fixed” camera. I have noticed that the autofocus is quite an annoyance when raining between the raindrops and wipers. There is an option in Xsplit to configure the settings so that it can be disabled.


I belive I have the same dash cam . Good to know.