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Schooling and jobs for storm enthusiasts


Hi, I’m 14 and I want to have a career as a researcher at Environment Canada. Problem is, I don’t know what kind of schooling I’ll need and what would be good to get a job there. Google only does so much. Thanks for the help!!


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I will paraphrase some one page that I found…


“Education and Training
A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to enter this occupation. Increasingly, a post-graduate degree in meteorology and a master’s in atmospheric sciences or in a related field are required. A PhD is an asset for research positions.
McGill University and the University of Quebec at Montreal are the only institutions that offer this training in Quebec.”

I invite you to contact a “The Weather Network” meteorologist for further talking. Keep in mind, some of them might be “broadcast” meteorologists. But they might know the correct path for you.