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Severe Weather Alerts, Text to Voice?


I’m a big fan of the site and the features. Kudos to the members behind it that provide first hand video of what Mother Nature dishes out.

I tried asking in the feed chats but it’s been a bit busy but can anyone tell me what the software is that the chasers are using which reads out the Tornado & Severe Thunderstorm Warnings? I downloaded WXWarn but it doesnt seem to be the same, unless they are using an older version.

Thanks in advance.


So, I tried to do some research to see which program/software, etc. was being heard in the background of several chasers this past week (Paul Goddard being one of them) that was alerting via voice and an audible alarm for Tornados and Severe Thunderstorms. I found one called WxWarn but it doesnt seem like the same.

The ones I heard on the chasers audio read out the warning type, including state, county and some additional details. WxWarn has few options to modify the alerts and it only read the warning type, state and county I believe. I’m not sure if it’s text-to-voice software on top of a weather alerting software or what but I’d like to at least sample it.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this software, app, program might be? I’m frustrated beyond belief that I can’t find out what this is.


I liked that text -to-voice program Paul Goddard is using as well. Unfortunately their is no way to contact him thru the web site. I would try his FaceBook page.


Ironically, I did send him a message on FB but I’m not friends with him. I don’t think the message goes in his regular inbox unfortunately.

I know someone else had the same program but I can’t recall the chasers name. Hopefully someone comes up with it here.


Finally got the answer… GR Earth! It comes with the program and need to have alerts turned on. If you are not familiar, you need to purchase GR Earth data from for $180/year.


Thanks! I have GR Earth but have never tried using it. I wonder if he made any added modifications to the voice programming?


Are you referring to a PC program or mobile device? I use StormShield on my mobile device which reads the various alerts aloud.


Frankly, I’m not sure if its a PC program or mobile device. All I recall
was that it was reading tornado warnings (with an audible alarm of some
sort) and severe thunderstorms warnings via text-to-voice for a multitude
of different areas.

I looked at the app you referenced and it either alerts you by GPS location
or via 5 locations you most frequently visit. The text-to-voice alerts that
were on the aforementioned stream didn’t seem to limit to the more precise
location of the chaser.

I did not try a the free trial for GR Earth yet so I’m not sure if this app
is what I heard. I’ll have to try it sooner or later.

Thanks for mentioning this app.


Text to speech, where the computer reads the watches, warnings, ect., was something I had wanted for a long time. I haven’t tried GR Earth.

I recently created a small application called Storm Target to handle this exact problem. It automatically checks for watches, warnings, forecast discussions, meso discussions and more. When a new product is issued, it’ll read it back using text to speech. It also has a customizable speech lexicon so those weather acronyms and hard to pronounce words can be handled correctly. It has a ton of adjustable settings so you can lock it down to warnings/etc. in a specific location. You can get more info and download the program at


I might try this program. Like everyone else I’ve wondered what
the talking warnings for a while now.