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Severe weather predictions 2016


This may still be a bit early too tell but I just wanted to see if anyone could give me an idea on how this season will be especially around Ohio! I live close by Cincinnati and the past few years I’ve noticed have been relatively quite. So any ideas?


Here you go @brantonanthony This is the outlook i found on ( )


Along with the map above, the Weather Channel(which i don’t normally look towards for my daily dose of weather) has released their prediction on March through May which claims that the northern part of the U.S. should be warmer than the southern areas of the U.S.

This could possibly mean more severe weather for the northern areas of the U.S. but I don’t think there will be much in the way of that right now.


@hamzaziz2000 don’t think that map is quite accurate. I live in Iowa and I’ve heard much different than what that map shows.


True, i usually don’t trust the weather channel anymore but maybe it has at least a little truth to it. We’ll see.


I usually try to see what the national weather service releases I did see the outlook they released. Signs are pointing to a more active weather pattern later this month. Guess we will wait and see!


I find the weather channel’s predictions not as accurate as NWS… Well more for my area. Also, it seems there shouldn’t even be a risk for tornadoes this month in extreme Western Kansas And Colorado, but hay weather gets crazy at times…


That TWC graphic isn’t an outlook for 2016. That’s simply an illustration of the average risk (over many decades) for the month of March.