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Severe weather this week ^-^ 3/5/17


Lets talk about this week and how the weathers gonna be in the midwest


Well, nothing too much here, you guys out west are luckier. We only have rain so far. But also 20s-30s temperature wise.


Absolutely better than expected in MN… Zimmerman Tornado was a sight to see in March - A record. Earliest Ever for Minnesota. Data: track length 8.9 miles width 300 yds (900 feet) wide.
zero injured or killed.


_Twister _1996__movie!!!


Yessir it is. All in memory of Bill Paxton.


Twister the movie is as close as we get to tornadoes in most of California.


Yea i dont think tornadoes can happen in that cold of a temperature. Isn’t it 60’s +?