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Should chasers stop to assist?


Just wondering if there is any kind of ethics pertaining to stopping to assist people when your chasing or is basically all about the filming and let authorities handle those situations? I ask because I noticed a video online of someone I was watching here last night and noticed after finding it on a map… that when the tornado in Rochelle started it’s initial damage, they drove right past a building that was damaged along with a flipped over tractor trailer with it’s light on… so it kind of goes to tell you that someone could be in there. Also learned that the building that was damaged… was Grubsteakers and 12 people were trapped in that basement at the time they passed.


Ok. Your sitting in your home and a tornado hits (I know your a stormchaser but just imagine) and your buried under debris and the crap has been scared out of you and you think you may die. Through a hole in the wall thats on top of you you see a storm chaser considering to stop. But then at the last second they drive leaving you wet, cold and scared to death. Ok, so i don’t think their is a rule, but i will say that in the case of the tractor flipping over or seeing a building damaged with people inside, I would with out a doubt go and help. Even @reedtimmer and his team helped people and a cow in one of the TornadoChasers episodes after a tornado went through some homes before Police and EMTs could get there.


IMO, as a chaser you should have at least some basic knowledge of first aid (or common sense…) and stop if youre one of the firsts to be at a scene. Tbh there are a lot of chasers who tell you theyre chasing for the good cause and to help forecast, but dont even bother calling in dangerous situations. For the people who just lived through sheer torment and are completely shocked, it means a lot to know that someone is there. Even if it means only holding a hand, you should probably stop.


I agree! Well said @BamDeBam !


I would say stop. I don’t chase but I think if you are helping and not hurting the situation or the first on the scene, help out!


I think anyone who is near enough to help and physically/emotionally able to help has a moral obligation to do so. But it depends on the situation as well. If first responders are already present, they may not need or want any assistance, so it’s best to ask. Personal safety must always be a consideration as well. You won’t do anybody any good if you end up needing to be rescued yourself.


This reminds me of one of my ambulance runs. Once we stopped before entering an intersection, waited for traffic to respond, stop and clear for us to proceed, a semi truck jack-knifed and clobbered another vehicle. We radioed the incident and pressed on. We knew we had a real emergency and pressed on. Perhaps a third party is needed for mediating suspicious observations. Like us at home living vicariously.


Half the reason i even got interested in this was because i enjoy helping people. first was storms obviously. but over time the desire to want to help grew. I think it should not only be required but it should beat least expected that if you’re a storm chaser and you are going to these areas for your knowledge or entertainment or whatever that you should be required to do something about it in the case of an emergency arises… this isn’t something that can be expected out of every storm chaser. however, as far as the TVN weather streamers? I think it would be disgusting to ever see a chaser out , knowing there was people in need of help, and sit there and do nothing about it. I actually semi-witnessed a could have been disaster on someone’s stream and they did precisely that. sat back and did nothing. I was a bit put off by this situation to be honest. i can’t grasp the idea of people in danger and i’m going to sit back and do nothing about it. if you’re willing to risk your life to chase a storm, then you should be able to handle rescuing another human being. I’m sorry if this comment is pushing any of the positive environment guidelines. but It really makes me feel bad to see those kinds of things…

This is something TVN can control. They, in my opinion should require that anyone on their streamers list be certified in at least a basic form of first aid/cpr etc. and carry first aid gear with them while chasing. Thousands of people watch these streams every day there is a streamer online. They are representatives of the chaser community in large part. They should be setting the perfect examples. I think this would also increase the respect from the scientific communities etc, if they did things like this. since, isn’t the science about the saftey too in large part?

unfortunately there are no laws regarding duty to rescue. there should be. even the police don’t have the duty to rescue which is absolutely absurd if you ask me.
-just my two pennies- :slight_smile:


Personally if it were me, I would stop and assist to the best of my ability. Being First Aid Certified, as well as training in disaster situations from military training I would be obliged to stop. Weather while pretty, is dangerous to those that know nothing about it. That’s why I am so interested in it.