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Storm Chase Equipment Questions

  1. Our team is looking for the best laptop mount for our chase vehicle any recommendations?

  2. Also, does anyone know if a high quality video camera exists where you can grab high quality/high mega pixel still images from the recordings? Please post makes and models. Interested in knowing what the highest mega pixel video recorders are available. Looking to just record video, and then save off high mega pixel images from the frames in the recordings, instead of taking pictures.
    Is 4K a good way to go? if so, anyone know where the best deals are?
    Thanks in advance.


Do you have advice for future chasers?


check here kat14michelle


I am, by no means, a photography/videography expert, but I used to do photography, years ago. The first answer for question 2, that springs to mind, is the Canon 7d series. They can shoot both stills at 18mp and video at 1080p. You can take pictures, while you shoot video, but there will be a 1 second delay in the video. On top of this, you have the option to change the lenses.