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Storm chasing photography ride-along


I’m a professional photographer that graduated 2 years ago from the Oklahoma School of Photography in Moore, OK and my fascination of storms is the reason I took up photography. I chase when I can, but I don’t have the radar equipment/vehicle/knowledge to do it properly. Are there any true storm chasers in Oklahoma that anyone knows about who would accept a ride-along sometime? I looked into the storm tours but I’m not trying to pay thousands of dollars to ride in a van full of people for hours on end to MAYBE get some good shots and learn about this field. HELP!!!


I WAS gonna say just follow the chasers from this website and learn as you go along.


Maybe you could tag along around other chasers. Grab a CB Radio, get ahold of them, and see if you can just tag along behind or something like that?


DerrickFast: Everyone wants to be around a great storm, or a tornado, but most people don’t realize how difficult that is. It takes a lot of knowledge, a lot of patience, and a bit of luck. You could pay thousands for the tour, and never see a tornado. I doubt any chaser (who knows what he is doing) is going to allow you to ride along for free, especially if you can’t assist in navigation or reading radar, etc. If you went to school for photography, then I have no doubt that you have a nice Canon or Nikon DSLR with some nice glass. You likely had no problem justifying the thousands of dollars you spent for those tools. Chasers have some great images of storms and tornadoes, and we have no problem justifying the money we spent on equipment, gas, hotels, electronics, computers, and software to assist us in getting those awesome photos.

Bottom line: Pay for the tour, pay for a chaser to take you out alone, or get your own car, learn to chase, and go find out how hard it is to get those incredible photos you see on Twitter and Instagram after a storm roles thru.


Oh I wasn’t looking for doing it for free. I definitely get that they would be going out of their way having someone else in the car with them and I would have no problem paying to ride with a professional chaser. I feel I would learn SO much more just being in the same vehicle with one or two people and listening to and watching what they’re doing rather than being with a big group and not getting some of that one on one time. Is there like a professional chaser directory of some sort that you know of where I could start asking individual chasers about tagging along? I’ve been looking around online, but not really having any luck.


If I would have seen this when I was out there this past week I would’ve been happy to bring you along provided you would’ve helped with gas of course. But unfortunately the chase team I’m with is based out of Southeastern Wisconsin for the time being.


Dang! Barely missed you =/
Yeah Wisconsin is just a few miles out of my jurisdiction hahaha. But hey, if you’re ever around these parts in the future I’d love to ride along if you’d have me. I would pay you more than just for gas, that’s not a problem.


Yeah Wisconsin is a world away haha, with not a lot of good storms. For sure I’ll be back down there it’s just a matter of time and right conditions. Then I could come pick you up and go after some good storms. Since TVN changed out a few things (and unsure if they will keep this up and running) feel free to add me on Facebook or follow our page so we can keep in contact with chase opportunities. I’ll put the links in the bottom, look forward to hearing for you! -Cory