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Storm Season 2015 (or lack of it!)


Except for rain and boring everyday thunderstorms, it feels like north-western Oklahoma has had the most boring storm season ever! We did have a [small tornado west of Alva,Ok] 1 during the spring, but other than that we have had no major storms this year. It’s really disappointing considering the fact I built the [RC storm chasing vehicle] 2, and have not even had a chance to test it in real-life weather situations!

Most days I don’t even see any storms on radar except for the occasional rain cloud!

Has anybody else had this boring of a storm season?


Believe it or not this tornado season has been generally average. Just that remarkably EVERY setup small or big in any area of the plains has been busted or limited by morning convection.


this season may have been average in numbers, but definitely low in violent tornados…