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Storm setup next week


Looks like we have the possibility for some significant severe weather from the Deep South to the Ohio Valley. What do you guys think any opinions?


Already looking @ it. What type of forecasting software do you use? According to day 3is when it really picks up in the Midwest. Also, on day 4, there is a slight forecast of severe weather around the I-10 corridor of east TX. Anyone going out then?


I’m actually fairly new to this so currently I don’t have one downloaded. Any tips on which ones to use? & yeah that’s what I was picking up! I live in Cincinnati and read that stronger storms have a better chance to up here towards me then previous models suggested. You see anything?


Well i am in north Houston and the models show some pretty heavy thunderstorms here, potentially deadly flooding. This storm could produce tornadoes and golf ball sized hail.


Potential for an outbreak mid to late week next week? That’s what I’ve seen some models show


I hear these will be fast moving storms, I hope to get a chase in on this one. (S Ohio, NKY,Indiana area).


Sorry I’m gettin back so late man they’re talking about some storms in that area today some on the stronger side possibly. Tomorrow into tomorrow night there’s a very good chance in that area Im here in southwest Ohio so I’m hoping I can get out too!


Use Twisterdata, it’s very comprehensive and easy to use.

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