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Streaming live on TVNweather with OS X


hey folks i have a macbook pro and its the 10.5.8 and i cant get the client for live streaming or the virtual box to work right i was wondering if anyone could help me get it to work so i could stream on TVN


First you’ll need to install the latest version of Virtual Box and setup a new virtual machine. Once you install Virtual Box you will need to install the Extension Pack also located on that same download page.

You want to make sure I/O APIC is enabled, at least I had to as I ran into an issue where Windows would not boot correctly. Noticed the checkbox “Enable I/O APIC” in the screenshot below, this is currently disabled on my machine because it is in a saved state but for a new or powered off machine you would be able to toggle this checkbox.

You should install your guest operating system by mounting the disc image or sharing your optical drive (if you have one). I downloaded ISOs from our BizSpark subscription so having to share a drive was not necessary, instead you just mount the ISO and it will appear as an optical drive in the virtual machine. In my case I used Windows 7 Ultimate but Windows 8/8.1 should work as well.

Once your guest Windows OS is installed and setup you’re then going to want to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions for Windows. The guest additions will make it easier to work with in terms of pointer integration, resolution resizing, etc. They are not required but it will make life easier.

You will need to install the USB to serial driver for your USB GPS. This step can be done before anything else as you will be installing this driver for your Mac in OS X. This is so OS X can utilize the USB GPS and share it with the guest Windows OS.

Finally once that is installed correctly and verified to be working in OS X you will then want to share the device with your virtual machine. In the screenshot below you can see how I have this setup by adding a USB device filter. When the machine is started you can enable and disable the sharing of it by clicking on the USB icon in the bottom right and choosing the device from the list.

The remaining steps are just to install the .NET Framework and our client GPS app. If you want to share the GPS between multiple applications in the Windows guest OS you will need to be running GPS Gate in your Windows guest OS.

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