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System in the MS valley dumping rain with some potential severe wx tue 3/10. Threats: damaging winds, small hail (topic will be irrelevant after 3/13/15.)


Som hail is possible with strong storms the Mississippi valley today. Flash flooding an issue down there too. Anyone else’s thoughts?

Storm system in the south

I apologise for the repeat post @seth I had meant to put the original one in the weather category as it was discussing the weather but accidentally created it in the storm chasing category. Lesson learned: double check that your posting in correct catoagory. Again, I apologise for making that mistake.


Rain looks to last into the weekend moving north. Boston may break that snow accumulation record Sunday. It all depends. Flooding still an issue across some areas including Kentucky and Mississippi. Should dry out somewhat next week. The to kids could get more snow too.


No worries, you should be able to edit the post and change the category at any time.